Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Honoring 13,505 Glorious days of wittiness and light. And for about 1,465 of those, my best friend.

Earth's foremost aesculapian researcher of the most ethnographically oracular order. One of writing's best kept secrets (complete with whimsical collage journal cred of her own). Animal whisperer, eco-stewardess, homemaker, and saucily dismissive comedienne with an old school punk rock tenure. Born on the 26th of Tishrei, 5739 (in the Hebrew calendar), this outright Scorpio is somehow a Libra. Not buying it, though perhaps somewhat of a cusp.

This collage attempts to convey her concentrated, yet multifaceted dedication toward authenticating community [in general (and yours specifically if you so merit)] by espousing a meaningful, no frills attentiveness to people, purpose, and to justice on a level only discernible through clinging to the creator's infinite oneness. It also serves as a prayer for the revival of the lost art of hanging out and for the manifestation of her duteously intended endeavors, that they may reveal some of heaven on Earth for all humanity (under her supervision), along with endlessly ebullient rounds of her scintillating laughter. Thanks to Carmen and Luis for deploying a weapon of mass distinction.   

Sunday, April 19, 2015



1. "People Are Waiting On Cues" (ink, marker, collage on moleskin) 10x15in. Dec 2013
     art journal cover: stickers flyers packing tape acrylic paint candy wrap 

2. "Rascacielos y Hormigueros" (ink, oil pastel, collage on paper) 10x15in. Jan 2013
      4 taxi shifts mapped out by hand. 48 nonconsecutive hours of route records. 127 documented fares
      title translation: "Skyscrapers and Anthills"

3.   "Worldly Matters Need A Good Heart" (ink, collage on paper) 10x15in. Jan 2013
      red lines not interrelated: vacant stretches (gas + time - income) versus Bogota bike paths 
       maps juxtaposed. detailed passenger descriptions, newspaper, Colombian candy labels, ecofriendly detergent  

4.  "Alphabet of Inverses" (ink, marker, duct tape, collage on paper) 10x17in. Sept 2015
      map collage. 4 shifts. Gulf Coast auto-stops. guided urban bike tour.
      thumbing and hacking are inverses of one another.

5. "Ghastly Spread Between" (color pencil, ink, acrylic, foto, collage on paper) 9.5x17.5in. Oct 2009
     redundant hero gallery, parents before self, self, Sarah Chayes, Thoreau 
      we may need to abandon coastline, forest, and desert suburbs. restrict ourselves to eco-cities 

6. "Calendario Del Caravanero" (ink, collage on paper) 8x10in. Oct 2012 
calendar, labels, flyers, street ads, logos, budget backpacking trajectories via Mesoamerica
continuum plan via isthmus. absurdities as social commentary   
7. "Thirty One Days of Flexible Tenacity" (ink, marker, collage on paper) 10x15in. Oct 2013
challenge to live each day to fullest. success measured by filling squares with smallest possible penmanship. 
trivialities not eligible  

8. "Thank You Mathangi Arulpragasam" (polaroid, ink, marker, collage on paper) 10x15in. Mar 2013 
hitching in California. clippings, manuals, quotes, reuse of discards strictly advised, bovine g hormone, assassination, dangers of western commode